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Open Drum Workshop

Saturday 16 March 2024
Surrey, UK

with Louise "Mountain Mist" Vincent

Drumming and singing opens our heart, brings us back into balance, improves our mood and boosts our immune system. It assists us to joyfully reconnect with ourselves, nature and Spirit and to realign with the heartbeat of Grandmother Earth.


For the shaman the drum is a powerful tool for journeying and healing.


In this introductory workshop we will all sit around one big drum. Words for the songs and beaters will be provided for the day. We will cover the practical aspects of drumming - how to hold the beater and keep in time, and how to sing without strain. We will also learn how to hold an intent and a connection to Spirit as we sing and drum. 


The day will include some fun exercises and plenty of singing and drumming and is suitable for beginners and those with a little more experience. No previous knowledge is assumed or required :)


The workshop will be run by Louise “Mountain Mist” Vincent, a SunDance Drum Chief of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path and highly experienced musician and teacher. 

Price £40 - £60

To book please contact or text her on 07879872892

This workshop is sponsored by EagleHeart Study Group Lodge

What previous participants have said about Louise’s Drum Days 


“Your ability to turn everything into beauty, lighten up the dark and ease people into seemingly challenging learnings is a true joy. I learned so much, enjoyed the learning so much and took away with me more than you will ever know.  Thank you for this truly touching gift.” Bonny, Toronto

“.. the workshop was a magical and wonderful day.” Barbara, S. Yorkshire


“ I have been amazed that one day can have so greatly deepened my connection to the Drum & to the songs, to myself, ... and to Life.” Pamela, N. Yorkshire


“ Thank you for an amazing experience.” Diane, N. Yorkshire


“Louise is a magical teacher, inspiring and creative...” Emily, West Sussex

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