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Light Warrior Teachings
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Welcome to the new DTMMS subscription Zoom series called the “Light Warrior Teachings" from the Sweet Medicine SunDance tradition.

The Sweet Medicine SunDance path is a shamanic tradition, a spiritual path that provides teachings, ceremony, and tools to support the human spirit. The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is the home organization for the Sweet Medicine SunDance path supporting the human quest for growth, excellence, maturity and integrity. 

The workshops are taught by credentialed teachers from the Sweet Medicine SunDance path. The cost includes handouts and the Zoom programming offered on the below dates. We have an experienced production staff to support and guide you. Each workshop can be purchased as a stand alone session or as a series. All teachings are Tuesday nights, and all times are based on Central European Standard Time (CEST) (UK time is 1 hour behind CEST)


Full 10 Sessions - $399.78 (20% off) USD

5 sessions (A or B) - $244.76 (10% off) USD

$49.97 per workshop (USD)

Teachers include Elaine Casey, Sabina Tschudi, Johannes Schroeder, Ulf Ulmark, Ursula Raab, Axel Schemuth and many more! 


Series A

Oct 18th 2022  Powers of the 4 Directions, Worlds and Elements

Nov 1st 2022    Luminous Egg Cocoon & Fibers - Part 1

Dec 6th 2022   Star Maidens Circle & Warrior Attributes

Jan 10th 2023  Luminous Egg Cocoon & Fibers - Part 2

Mar 14th 2023 The Twenty Count


Series B

Apr 18th 2023   Shields with an Introduction to the Dancers

May 16th 2023  Moon Cycles

Jun 13th 2023   Earth Astrology

Oct 10th 2023   Womb of She-Thoughts

Nov 7th 2023    Core Personality, Anchor & Projecting Moods

For more information and details of how to register,

email Sarah

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