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Light Warrior Teachings

The Star Maidens Circle is a key driver wheel in the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path and a roadmap for Life: it helps us open new perspectives and understandings of our lives, gain insights and multiple viewing points, learn who we are, our relationship to others and how we can navigate life as a fulfilling existence, as well as unlocking greater depths of knowledge in other wheels in these teachings. One such wheel that we will also be exploring is the Warrior's Attributes Wheel, which was used originally in martial arts to show the characteristics necessary for a person to fully develop themselves as a warrior.


Elaine apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path in 1995. She is a leader, teacher, mentor and guide within this shamanic tradition.
She is the Lodge Leader and founder of the Centre for Shamanic Arts. She has a passion for transformation, magic, nature and art, and with her deep integration, experience and dedication she inspires others through her facilitation of shamanic workshops, courses and ongoing programmes, medicine journeys into wild and sacred places, rites of passage and shamanic art.
As a professional artist she has a passion for expressing spirit through art and her deep love of nature and applies her shamanic knowledge and connection to spirit through art. 

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