Centre for Shamanic Arts

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Flowering tree CeremonyFlowering Tree Ceremony



The Centre for Shamanic Arts runs year long programmes following an ancient structure of teachings and ceremonies taking you through a series of initiations bringing self knowledge, healing and expansion into our greatest potential as human beings.

Using the ancient knowledge of the Twisted Hairs, we give you the tools, techniques and understanding to help you journey into your unknown self. Applying the alchemy of ceremony brings direct experience of this knowledge into your body and life.

This is an invitation to embark on the Great Work, the inner journey to heal yourself and find the warrior within yourself.


Shamanic Training

When people become excited and passionate about knowledge, their hearts are touched and they hunger for more. Pleasure and knowledge spur them on the journey of life and the challenge it offers. When a person chooses to apprentice to a spiritual path that “sings in the heart”, he or she chooses a path that offers greater access to teachings that inspire self-growth and development.


The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path is one such path. When the SMSD path becomes your path with heart and you decide to apprentice, you enter into an agreement first with yourself and Great Spirit; secondly, with the Path and its lineage; and finally, with someone who has walked this path before you, a guide. Through spiritual discipline, study and ceremonial alchemy, the apprentice commits to self-growth and excellence.

The 1st Gateway Year Long Programme

2017 - 2018


The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path is one of many Spiritual Paths to the light and to enlightenment if we choose. The teachings and ceremonies are part of an unbroken lineage of ancient knowledge and wisdom that has been proven to work in peoples lives to bring greater balance, health, happiness, harmony, humour and hope.

We usually seek a Path when we are unhappy in some way and have a feeling that we need to grow, to change, be challenged - but by being inspired also. This is such a Warriors Path.

The 1st Gateway Year long Programme begins in October 2017. The first weekend of the course is Friday October 13th - Sunday October 15th and is available to take as a single weekend without signing up for the whole course.

Come and join us for an introduction and information about the course and the Path with teachings and ceremonies, including a Purification lodge ceremony on Sat 23rd September 2017. In this First Gateway year, students explore in depth the circular thinking of the Wheels and Keys of knowledge of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path. At the end of this year the students are able to use these Wheels in their life, understand their connection to nature and make personal changes for the better. These ancient teachings and earth based knowledge will show you how to connect with spirit and create a stronger, more stable life for yourself and those around you.

The course includes modules on:
・Learning through the Worlds of Grandmother Earth
・Understanding the Wheel of Life
・Stalking Self Awareness
・Allies: Power & Protection
・Experiencing the Energy Body 
・Discovering Elements of our Mortal & Immortal Selves 
・Exploring Universal & Cosmic Laws


Each weekend includes a Shamanic Purification Lodge Ceremony 
Year 1 (of 2) is taught over five 3-day weekends starting at 10:00 on the Friday and completing at approximately 17:00 on the Sunday 


13-15 October 2017 
3-5 November 2017 
12-14 January 2018 
9-11 March 2018 
27-29 April 2018
Ceremonial Week 11-17 June 2018 (camping in a countryside setting) 

If you wish to continue after completing the second year, you can join our Second Gateway group. You will be able to progress into the 4th gateway within this lodge.


For directions and map go to Unstone Grange Derbyshire

For more information contact:


Pete Edwards 01433 651769 - email moonsnakepe@gmail.com or


Pamela Hayes 01423 330737 - email deertribeuk@gmail.com


Click here for a pdf leaflet for the 1st Gateway Year Long Programme - Brochure

Healing Team


The Healing Team provides training in the SMSD Healing Paradigm. This paradigm is a body of knowledge that brings understanding and healing all aspects of self - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual. We design ceremonial healing circles using shamanic healing techniques which provide the potential to restore and release patterns that created the imbalance.


Contact - Elaine info@elainecasey.co.uk or Louise lvincent64@hotmail.com